On Letting My Mind Explore…

I have a new idea and that idea is letting my mind explore.

Very often, I find that my mind gets locked in continuous cycles of thoughts and before I know it I am thinking the same thing over and over again. It can be my big problems, little problems, big wants and little wants, anything and everything can cause my mind to get stuck in these thoughts.

I realised that this process is making me pretty miserable. I am getting my mind so focused on one thing that I don’t have that everything else that I do have seems so irrelevant. I know that this is something which cannot continue, I know I need to do something about it.

My main problem when I am in one of my more manic stages however is that I cannot actually keep still for very long. Even if my mind is stuck on one thing, you can guarantee it is stuck thinking about that thing in high speed. So, suggestions that I got from the internet such as reading a book or painting do not work when I am in this stage. More than one thing stimulating my senses can just make me zone out, because everything is moving so quickly in my head I can’t quite focus on one thing.  I’m also an introvert and so the idea of just heading out to do something and try to tire myself out is also not in my comfort zone.
The last time I got into this state of mind, I spent a day walking around my home with no intent or purpose, but my mind was running over thoughts again and again. It took till the night for me to realise that I actually had not spoken all day. I am very aware that I have a pretty susceptible mind and so I know I have to be careful in these times.

As such, I decided to try train my brain. It works so quickly that it is easy to train it not to think about one thing. It jumps straight to the next. I’m going to let my mind explore. I’m going to write and see where it goes, because if my brain can create all these thoughts so quickly, I’m sure it can form sentences and create a story. Maybe it will be a beautiful story, maybe it will be rubbish, either way I know that challenging myself and forcing myself out of negative mind-sets is the only way I can grow. Mulling in the present seems so nice whilst you are there, but then you realise that whilst you are busy mulling, the world is still turning and there is so much to do. Your mind can create such wonderful things and moving from a negative space into a positive one by letting my mind wander, I hope will bring amazing results.



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