On a Peaceful Dream…

I wanted to share a dream I had last night. I don’t usually get peaceful dreams or happy dreams so this was a pretty big thing for me. It came after a long day of stress and it feels like I had this dream to give me a calm place to think of when life gets a bit hectic. It is simple but it feels like something I should share.


In this dream, I am travelling. I have decided to explore the world and end up in one final place. On my travel I decide to stop off somewhere. As I walk out, a vibrant blue lagoon stretched out in front of me way off into the distance, a blue similar to the sky on its brightest day. Where the water met the sky, a pale pink had formed from the rising sun, kind of the colour of rose quartz.

On the right hand side of the lagoon large glaciers reached up and the blue and white moulded together to create the most amazing colours. On the bottom levels of the glacier were polar bears. They weren’t threatening in the slightest, although they walked on their back legs and approached people walking by and offered comfort to them.

The sun kept shining and reflecting off the water. It wasn’t cold, in fact I was walking barefoot. To the right of me pebbles of white and light grey made a steep bank between the water and the rest of the world. It felt like an area which nature had cordoned off from everything else. Elephants were playing in the water, jumping in and spraying water, completely oblivious to anyone around them. I walked along the pebbles, it was so steep I had to use my hand on the bank to balance myself. My feet were in the water and when my foot went in, it was lost in the colours of the water.

I walked further and around a corner till I saw a flat stretch of solid ice. Around this stood many people all in a row, but it somehow wasn’t crowded. They were quietly watching a large pack of wolves who were running around the ice. They ran so joyfully, their feet bouncing and their faces happy. Occasionally one would run over to a person and rub their head on that persons leg. I walked around and stood in an empty part and looked out. A wolf, with bright blue eyes started to run towards me. The wolf looked so joyful and a huge smile lit up my face as I put my hand out for it.



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