On The Universal Sound…

There is a wonderful artist by the name of Tyler Childers. I was listening to one of his songs the other day, ‘The Universal Sound,’ and I started to think about what that was.

I think the universal sound is a feeling, one that you have to really go back to your roots to hear. It’s the basic calling of the world to get you to do what is primal to you and gets you to listen to your body and the world to realise what you really need.

The universal sound might be a thought, a feeling, a sound, a scene that brings you an epiphany. It might come down to how connected I think we all should be with nature, but I think those moments of walking through green parks with leaves for ceilings are the best place to hear the universal sound. It’s about being in touch with the earth and treading lightly. Listening to what it needs and what you need.

It can be as simple as remembering that your body isn’t a machine driven to work all hours until it collapses. It can be recognising that someone else is out of tune and needs to be reminded that they should connect with their roots. When surrounded by grey in a city, it is good to remember where you come from and remember that your life wasn’t meant to be so grey. It was meant to be vibrant and colourful, with flourishes of unique strokes. It’s meant to leave you dancing in the stars.

Listen to what the world is trying to tell you. Hear it when it hurts, hear it when it rejoices. Listen to those around you who may be doing the same. Sometimes it is okay to just do what it feels like you should, whether that’s nothing at all or everything at once, but just remember to listen. The universal sound takes silence and concentration to hear but it can make you feel so very connected.


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