On Surrounding Yourself With Greatness…

Today I chose to surround myself with greatness and it brought me fresh ideas and a release from a month long writers block.

I had the blessing to live in the most amazing house in my final year of university. The people I lived with made sure I was surrounded with positivity and love, which always brought new ideas into my mind on what I could write about. My course mates helped me work and do crazy things when the 9-5 was over. My other friends helped me dream of what was to come and reminisce on what had been.
When I begun my masters I thought that I needed to spend all my time with my head buried in a textbook, surrounding myself with law students and I truly believed I had to live and breathe law. I got so wrapped in this mind set that I almost forgot what it was to allow any other thoughts of life into my brain.

Today I had tea and donuts with a friend I lived with in my final year and as soon as she left, I opened my laptop and started to type my next blog posts. Surrounding myself with greatness and variety renewed my mind.

Life is not just about doing the one thing you are currently doing, you are allowed to take days off to remember who you are and I think I forgot that. I forgot amongst the madness, that my favourite place is writing and letting thoughts spill onto pages.
I realise that my issue is remaining in one state for too long. All the elements of my life are perfectly amazing, but getting stuck in one stage for too long can block you and stop your mind flourishing. By focusing solely on my course I forgot that there are other things in life I enjoy doing and that by doing those things my mind does so much better.

I realised that today was my first day off work since the few days I had over Christmas and just having this day has made me remember who I am.

I’m not just a law student. I’m not someone who just reads textbooks. I’m also someone who likes being the total opposite of a lawyer. I also like wrapping myself in a duvet to read Harry Potter. I like baking and straying from recipes because I want to be creative. I like staring out the window wondering what is happening in the stratosphere. I love surrounding myself with beautifully unique people who are totally different from each other. The people in my life challenge me and I love them so deeply for it.

Long and short of it is, I love my course. I love law, but the love can get lost when it is the only thing you do. Surrounding yourself with joy, happiness and people who will make your mind wonder and who will bring new fresh ideas into view is so important.
Never believe that having one set of people around you is the best. Everyone is so beautifully unique and I have found immense joy in having all the people I have in my life around me.

‘People think that stories are shaped by people. In fact it’s the other way around.’
Witches Abroad, Terry Pratchett


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