On Being Unapologetically You…

I’ve touched on this previously but I will always be grateful that I was brought up to be headstrong enough to be unforgivably me.

I don’t think I have ever fully fitted in in the traditional sense with the people I surround myself with. Part of the reason for that is that I love to be around different people who help me challenge my perception of the world and help my mind grow. But, I think I have often been seen as the weird one, and I’m totally cool with that. I relish in being the weird one, what a boring world it would be if we were all the same.

I realised this most recently when I had one of my bi-monthly urges to colour my hair. Of course being on a law course and being surrounded by potential commercial lawyers, I felt the side eyes. Honestly though I think I have either gotten to a point in life where I don’t feel it as negative or I just don’t care anymore. I didn’t care less whether I was being looked at for my bright hair, my weird clothes or what, I actually had no care.

As soon as I begun to not care, I felt such a release. I used to be so fearful of wearing certain outfits that I loved, because I was worried that someone might think I was weird. Now it’s a badge of honour.

When in my teens, I used to get a lot of piercings. I remember my mum stopped making as much of a fuss about it at one point and when I asked her why, she said there was no point. I was going to do what I wanted to anyway. I haven’t changed much. I’ll always be the one that doesn’t necessarily fit into certain social groups or situations and I love that. It means I am free to be me. I’ll always be the law student who wears funky clothes and says funny things. I’ll always be that person who can passionately sing country music, Queen, chart music and the next 2000’s emo music. I’ll always be the person who loves dancing and swaying, yet wishes they could Waltz and the next minute be Jiving to Glenn Miller. I’ll always be the studious, hippy, tree climbing, weird girl. I’ll never be totally one of these things as some people can be. I won’t fully fit into one category of person. Because, the idea of a human fitting into a category scares me. We are wonderfully beautiful and unique and there is no harm in following what you want to do and loving the things you love.
When you realise that you’ll find yourself not caring so much about what people might think of you. Then you’ll start hearing people saying that you are so unapologetically you. And that, is a glorious stage of life to be at.

People are scared of the unknown. Let them know it’s normal to be totally you and to love the parts of life you love.

A friend who passed away last year was also unapologetically himself and what a glorious human he was. I will always aspire to be like that and so we all should.

Now, go listen to this song and get ready to be you.


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